Smart maps and spatial analytics link position, condition, and time to events and interactions. Get the location-based insight you need.


Responding to disasters in hours, not days

When natural disasters strike and losses occur, insurance companies know one of the most important things on policyholders' minds is how they will recover. Insurers need to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently, processing claims so their customers can be whole again. In Florida, Citizens Property Insurance uses ArcGIS software for response.

Make the most of every location.

Location impacts risk assessment, quotes, claims, and client networks. Successful insurance companies go beyond static figures and spreadsheets to get insight into an area's opportunities and risks. Use maps and spatial analytics to improve marketing campaigns, distribution, and customer service.

Response management

Be proactive—plan for claims handling prior to catastrophic events.

Visibility and transparency

Quickly visualize events with advanced analytics to prioritize response execution.

Investigation and compliance

Effectively serve customers, triage claims, and monitor fraudulent activities by embracing location-based intelligence.


An insurer takes steps to understand risks in the company's portfolio.

Wildfire season has begun, and fires are burning in Northern California. This insurer's first step is to identify what areas are at the highest risk of burning. Mapping how wet or dry locations are based on rainfall indicates places with more fuel for fires. Now the analysts and company managers have an enriched view of places at greatest risk.



Very High insurance value

High insurance value

Moderate insurance value

Low insurance value


Strengthen all aspects of the insurance business.

Empower everyone to use smart maps and spatial analysis in ArcGIS software to understand opportunities and risks.

Exposure Management

Reduce your organization's cumulative risk across lines of business.

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Portfolio Risk

Improve risk score precision by understanding hazard proximity.

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Business Strategy

Better target limited capital to areas of lower risk or higher opportunity.

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