JOB OPENING: GIS System Support At Hanoi office

26/08/2016 - Esri Vietnam

About Esri Vietnam

ESRI, the world's leader in GIS, has been present in Vietnam for over decades, when GIS was still a very new concept in Vietnam. In more than 10 years, ESRI distributed products and services to hundreds of users and organizations in Vietnam through its local distributors. Recognizing the rapid growth of Vietnam's GIS usage, in the end of 2007, ESRI decided to open an office in Vietnam – ESRI Vietnam.

ESRI Vietnam Company Limited was established in January, 2008, a 100% foreign investment and joint venture between ESRI Inc. (USA) and ESRI (Thailand). ESRI Vietnam is committed to providing products, services, and supports in the best and fastest way to the customers.



The GIS System Engineer is responsible for supporting Esri technology and providing services to customer , partner and internal staff to make the implementation of the system successful, creating new products and services to suite with their needs and goals. The position that need to work with the service mind, adopting to learn new knowledge and technology, and flexibility mind set of multitask handling.



·Provide Technical support, system installation, Problem shooting to users related with Esri technology

·Study, Present and demonstration Esri technology to customer and working closely with Sale team and company’s partner

·Provide GIS consultant to define data needs, system requirements, outputs, or applications needs to users

·Develop GIS application to support need of customer base on assignment

·Develop and maintain technical support document for Esri Software and customer sy stem

·Identify and correct or advise, on operational issues in client computer systems

·Update and learn new GIS and IT products and technologies

·Assist internal staff for GIS and IT issues.

·Assist other company activities such as helping technical translation with Foreigner, Update technical information in company website and so on.


•Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Computer Engineer, Geography

•Good understanding of IT technology, System admin and database management

·Fast learner with positive attitude towards new GIS and IT technology.

•Strong personality: creative thinking, communication and analytical skills

·Experienced in GIS and Esri Technology is preferred

·Experienced in Application development is preferred

•Good command in English and Vietnamese

"If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send your resume to or call to our office at T +84 4 3212 1932

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